One of the biggest, most exciting moments in your daughter’s life is her sixteenth birthday. Turning 16 is a monumental time in which you are given certain freedoms that you never had before. You learn how to drive, start prepping for the SATs, visit colleges and begin the college application process, and your first job. There is so much going on at this time in a teenager's life that it can be overwhelming, but it is a time to celebrate the exciting changes beginning.

Celebrate your teen's 16th birthday by making it a night to remember. Follow these tips in planning the perfect Sweet 16:

Select a theme. Deciding the right theme for the party is crucial. There are many popular themes for parties; the best way to go is to choose the theme your daughter would like the most. Ask your daughter what her vision is for the party. Even if you base the theme of the party on a color, plan the rest of the party around the theme. Possible ideas include a beach party, Mardi Gras, or a dance club. When you agree on a theme, it will make it easier for you to plan the different aspects of the party.

Secure the party location. After deciding home many guests to invite, you must secure a location that is within your budget and can hold the number of people you're inviting. It helps if you already have a rough estimate of guests and have determined the theme. Plan to visit a few different venues before you make the final decision.

Plan the decorations and food. Stick to a few colors for decorations like streamers and balloons that go with the theme. Once you have a head count on guests attending the party, hang some pictures of your daughter around the venue and a Sweet 16 banner. If the venue serves food, check to see the menu and if you can choose what you would like to serve. Keep the theme in mind with the food and cake that you serve. Most teens won't want to sit down for a formal dinner, so opting for appetizers or finger foods is a good way to go.

Choose quality entertainment. The key to a successful party is good entertainment. Everyone loves a band or DJ. First determine if the venue offers entertainment or any kind of package deal. Work with your budget and the theme. You want to make sure the entertainer has worked with teenagers before to make sure your party goers have a blast.

The best way to celebrate a special event in your daughter's life is with her family and friends. If you are seeking a party venue for your daughter's Sweet 16, look no further than the Warehouse at EBE.